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  • Google My Business Listing Optimization with 52 Updates

Google My Business Listing Optimization with 52 Updates


Staying competitive is essential in today's market, and that requires consistently delivering top-notch content and communication. Fortunately, Haus of 7 is here to help! We specialize in analyzing your business's data, identifying necessary adjustments for improved ranking, and building out all of your week-to-week content plans for maximum impact. Our team does all the hard work for you on Canva and even takes care of scheduling posts for each week and every holiday. Investing in a professional and experienced support system like ours is a surefire way to keep your business at the top!

    • 1 Business City Listing
    • 52 Update/Offer/Event (designed in Canva)
    • Apple Maps Setup
    • Your Choice of a mix of 30 actions**
      • Photo Setup*
      • Product Setup*
      • Services Setup*
      • Events Setup*
      • FAQ in Chat
    • Edit Profile Optimization
    • Chat Setup

    *We can set up to 30 items in the optimization.  Any more items will be discussed as an extra charge not to exceed $250.

    *All clients must provide all of the images via a Google Drive or direct us to where they want to grab the images from.

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