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What is included?

2-20 Product Online Store

We offer 1-Day 2-20 Product Online Stores using our templates or template based programs.   We currently support Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly, if you use something else that is template based we can most likely get your website up and running in 1 day.

  • Home - up to 5 Section Page

  • Store - up to 5 Section Page, Filter & Sorter

  • 1 Product Page Template- up to 5 Section Page

    • 5 Product picture upload per product

    • up to 20 products

  • Contact- Form page

  • Blog/Gallery - Your choice of either a Blog w/ 1 photo or 10 photo gallery.  Will upload content for 6 blogs or 10 Images for the Gallery 

The 1 Day 2-20 Product Online Store includes the items below.   The site is based off of a template of your choice within your website provider templates.

Can I do more?

Yes you can! We offer a multiple add-ons that can be done with the 1 Day Website Service.

What is the process like?

Step 2

Approval Email & Payment Link for Deposit

Step 1

Fill out our application

Step 3

Payment Confirmation & Link to Drive Supporting Documents

Step 4

Submit All Copy & Photos & Link to be sent to set date for Implementation

Step 5

Implementation Day and invoice due at 10 am launch call

Are you ready?

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